1933 Oak Bay Avenue is currently home to Red Barn Market’s first urban location. The building was previously utilized as office space and was extensively renovated in 2015 to accommodate this exciting new tenant. In undertaking the project, Fort Properties’ goal was to rejuvenate the commercial corner of Oak Bay Avenue and Redfern Street and create a vibrant, pedestrian-oriented commercial hub to better serve the needs of area residents.
Architecturally, the design approach was to model a classic “Market Hall” leveraging the height and space of the traditional gabled roofline to create a daylit, airy space where the goods for sale and activity of the patrons would take center-stage. A modern, bright, stained cedar and glass storefront was cut into the form announcing Red Barn’s presence in a dramatic way. The patio area is an amenity for customers and enhances the sense of community. The cracked, uneven sidewalks were completely replaced improving pedestrian safety and creating a generous 15-foot-wide public right-of-way. Unit pavers matching neighbouring tenant, Home Hardware’s frontage were used - unifying the block and harmonizing with the recent ‘Village Walk’ site, establishing a standard for “Oak Bay Ave West”.