A Celebration of The Livet

By virtue of its location, the northeast corner of Broughton Street and Blanshard Street has always had incredible potential. It’s right across from one of Victoria’s main theatres and borders one end of the Fort Common District; however, the building’s dated architecture and dormant state stagnated people’s use of the area. Last year we took on some vigorous renovations and our hard work was rewarded when we secured some amazing local businesses to tenant the buildings. We’re so pleased to introduce The Livet as one of our partners in bringing a sense of vibrancy, vitality and beauty to this once-neglected corner. 


Owner of The Livet, Graham Meckling, shares our community-focussed vision, and says the restaurant’s culture is based around creating an all-around exceptional dining experience for Victoria. Most important, he notes, is that it’s a place you’re going to bring the people you love to hang out with, where you’ll enjoy a comfortable atmosphere, with delicious food and drink and friendly service. 

And can we mention the incredible patio? 


The architecture and design team have created an outstanding location to house the restaurant. With a beautiful windowed stairway leading up to it and interior design elements of light wood and copper, their use of glass, lighting and warm tones has truly reinvented the old building. 

Externally they fused together heritage design and modern flavour, which helps to link the renovated building to the rest of our properties along the Blanshard corridor. It was so important to bring the overall neighbourhood context into the vision and the team’s outstanding work has added an interesting dynamism to the area.


The remodeled building and home of The Livet truly embodies our values of people and planet in the design and we are so proud to be a part of turning this derelict corner of the city into a vibrant cultural hub.


Location: 201 – 804 Broughton Street, Victoria, BC
Tenant: The Livet
Opened: August 2016
Key contributors:
Developer/Building Owner & Manager: Fort Properties
Architect: Cascadia Architects
Interior Designer: Bidgood + Co.
General Contractor: Strong Construction Group