The Fort Common District is a 36,000 square foot adaptive reuse project  featuring an office building and a series of urban streetfront retail bays surrounding a revitalized carriage yard courtyard (The Fort Common). Since 2012, the block has undergone a series of renovations, including the award-winning revitalization and restoration of 1017-1019 Blanshard Street, and is now home to a vibrant mix of local and multi-national restaurant and retail tenants.

The Fort Common courtyard was designed to serve as a community venue for festivals, events or restaurant seating. In the summers of 2014, 2015 & 2016 it served as a venue for community fundraisers, political campaign launches, and major festivals (Lafflandia and Thinklandia). It is also the location of the local Food EcoDistrict community gardens, which provide locally grown food for use by neighbouring restaurants. In the future, the courtyard may serve as the location of permanent licensed restaurant patio seating, film festivals, outdoor yoga classes, and other community oriented activities.